Lessons In Democracy is a project to teach the people of the world about democracy. If you would like to be part of this effort, if you think it is a valuable endeavor and have ideas on how we might proceed, please get in touch.

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Note: It is impossible to write about democracy without taking positions (for example, for representative democracy, on which leaders to elect). In some cases our views may be at variance from yours. If this is the case, please send your comments and observations.

Our basic position is that democracy is predicated on human equality, human rights, and an associated philosophy. With this set or framework of ideas, you can evaluate any social or political issue.

The result, though, may well be different from conventional wisdom, including long-standing traditions and beliefs. This can't be helped. It is the existence of such traditions that is making it so difficult to implement democracy around the world. So much of society's conventions and belief systems are actually anti-democratic.

Lessons in Democracy is intended to be a step in the right direction, in establishing a rigorously defined alternative to authoritarian historical precedent.