By Roland Watson

I want to start by apologizing for the fact that the site is only in English. It's the only language I know well enough to convey the ideas.

This is also something of an experiment. We'll see if it works or not.

I've written a number of books. One of them is called Freedom From Form. It's my basic work, and it took 11 years to write. It is not widely distributed.

Freedom From Form is a guide to life, to understanding everything about life. It's also a guide to our evolution, to how humans can leave behind what I call our bad forms - our negative patterns of behavior as individuals and as groups - and evolve into an entirely new species.

This book is the basis for The University of Life. As with the book, the website has four parts. For the launch, ideas from about three-quarters of the text are covered. I intend to add the rest, largely to parts three and four, as well.

Who for and why

So, who is this website for? It's for you. It's for everyone. We are all alive, and we can all understand it - meaning life. This is in fact the deepest implication of equality, which is the underlying principle of life. Whoever you might be - and wherever you are - you can experience, and understand, everything that life has to offer.

This website covers all of the different critical aspects of life. And, you won't need to have a college education to understand it. High school students and even children should have no problems.

Indeed, it's amazing what children can learn, with the right teacher. Before the industrial revolution, children had to be able to function as adults by 14 or 15. Don't get me wrong - I'm not for child labor - only education. And education can be fun - it should be fun - not only work.

Also, my goal isn't just to help you understand. I want to help you to help yourself.

I want to help you understand whatever might be holding you back in your life, and how you can fight it to become free. I want to assist you to take control of your life, and become the master of your own destiny.

For example, are you addicted to something? Do you have any other types of self-destructive behavior? Are other people able to do things, that you can't?

The University of Life will teach you how to strengthen your will power, and fight off the influences that try to dominate you, and which stop you from achieving your goals.

What it is

The content of the website is a series of short articles, actually, many series - on different subjects. They range up to five pages in length.

The articles are short on purpose, to make them easy to digest.

But, life is complicated. There are many things that we need to understand.

I address all of these points one by one, so you can understand each of them well. Then - through the different series - I link them together, so that you get the bigger picture.

The articles cover timeless subjects. While I want to be provocative, to help you see things in new ways, I've tried to avoid controversy - the types of things that people now like to scream about.

My main reason for this is that one of the largest barriers to understanding is how people organize themselves into groups, and then demonize other groups. Through doing this, they deny legitimacy to what the other people believe.

To the best of my ability, I've tried to avoid taking sides.

The basics

I believe there are five basic subjects that we need to learn, to have a deep understanding of life. The first is what I call the fundamental rule of life, which is that actions have consequences. This is an incredibly broad idea, and which many religions pay close attention to, and promote.

The second subject is about knowledge. If I am saying that this is a university, this presumably means that you can learn from it, and know. This subject area covers what we know, what we don't know, and why. One of my ideas is that the reason why we don't - or can't - know certain things, is actually more significant than the fact that we don't know them.

The third area is about the universe, and everything it contains, including you and me. How is all of this organized?

The fourth is change. How do the different things in the universe, and also the entire universe itself, change from one form to another?

Finally, the fifth basic subject is, what does it all mean? This gets into the question of god, and purpose, including for the universe, for life, and for you.

Website organization

From what I have just described, we can see that life is a complicated puzzle. It has many different pieces. It is in fact the most difficult jigsaw puzzle of all.

The University of Life examines, and connects, the basic pieces. Unfortunately - this is why understanding life is so difficult - it is not easy to present these pieces in a sequential or linear fashion.

In Part 1 of the website, I cover the fundamental rule of life, how everything is organized, and how things change. I also examine related subjects, particularly issues with which you need to be familiar to achieve your personal goals.

I wanted to cover these subjects first, so you would immediately have new ideas to guide your quest to becoming the person that you would like to be.

Then, in Part 2, I start to explore the idea of knowledge, and the question of purpose. They are in fact closely related. What we can know, in the abstract, is very closely linked to what we do know, or believe, about the meaning of the universe and of life.

However, these are not simple things. If they were, everyone would understand them. I continue to build up a portrait of knowledge, and purpose, in Part 3, and even more so in Part 4.

If you persevere, and read the relevant series, you will be exposed to - you will learn about - the deepest aspects of existence, in a way that very few people in the entire history of our species have ever been able to grasp.

I would like to end this introduction by saying that if you find the University of Life useful, if you learn from it and understand yourself and life in new ways, please recommend it to your family and friends.

Please post the website link,, to the social media that you use: to email lists, blogs, Facebook groups, Twitter, Reddit, and other sites.

If you are a teacher, please tell your students about it. If you are an editor or a broadcaster, please review the site, or mention it on your program.

Thanks a lot. I hope you find it a valuable learning experience.

© Roland Watson 2013