Just a small point on American politics that everyone has missed. James Comey revealed that he was investigating Hillary Clinton just before the 2016 Presidential Election but did not disclose that he was also investigating Donald Trump, thereby handing the election to Trump. He did this because he, James Comey, is a Republican. Robert Mueller refused to indict the Trump campaign over its collusion with Russia (which also helped Trump win the election), and which would have effectively banned him from politics, because he, Robert Mueller, is a Republican. Now, Jerome Powell is tipping America into a recession by raising interest rates extremely quickly, even though the core reason why inflation is up is - again, Russia, and raising rates will have no effect on the Russian impact on prices. But driving America into a recession will help the Republicans in the upcoming Midterm elections. Jerome Powell is a Republican.

We all know that virtually every Republican congressperson and most Republican voters have turned their backs on American democracy and are traitors. They only care about power and have no problem at all with destroying the country to get it. But there was still some residual hope that trusted figures, such as Supreme Court Justices, might put politics aside. But as Comey, Mueller, Powell and the five Christian fanatics on the Court illustrate only too clearly, ALL Republicans are now traitors. To stand for and with America, you cannot be a Republican. You don't have to be a Democrat - you can be an Independent, but you can't be a Republican. Similarly, to now be a real Christian, meaning a follower of Jesus Christ, you can no longer identify with an organized church (with perhaps one or two exceptions from what is known as Mainstream, not Evangelical or Catholic, Christianity).


1. White people are superior and should rule the world. Caucasians have more rights, and value, than people with darker skin.

2. Women, even white women, are domesticated animals, useful mainly for their role in breeding, and which, as with other domesticated animals, is acceptable via forced penetration. (Rape is against the law - in some cases, but any pregnancies resulting must be completed. Otherwise, the crime for the woman should be greater than for the rapist.)

3. Children are acceptable casualties to preserve our right to own military-grade weapons.

4. Since our share of the population is declining, and we don't want to get along with other people, democracy must be replaced by a dictatorship run by white men. We will steal the vote to achieve this.

5. Our God is Money, and the best and most important individuals on earth are the billionaires (the white billionaires). They have the right to rig elections and to control social media, and through this to dominate social discourse and the nature of society. Other than them, we have no concern for anyone, and will enslave people with darker skin when we can get away with it.