Activism 101


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Activism 101 is part of a family of websites, the objective of which is to promote positive social change. By way of introduction, the prerequisites for accomplishing such change include that the steps taken to bring it about must be (1) consistent with human nature, not based on an unrealistically positive appraisal; (2) voluntary; (3) grounded in education; and (4) ethical. The importance of education derives in part from the fact that enduring and widespread change, global change, will require a mass opting-out of the present social system. Only education, about a better alternative, will motivate a critical mass of the population to break free of our current oppressive structure.

Activism 101 gives an education about the tools of dissent, which is the essential expression of popular power by which we both throw off authoritarian rule, and preserve the vitality of our democracy once we are free.

The University of Life was created to help you understand the mysteries of life, and to be the person that you have always wanted to be. Please spread the word.

Lessons in Democracy is an in-depth description of our goal, a truly democratic society, including with an analysis of the many pitfalls that exist to establishing and maintaining such a society.

Lessons in Democracy also includes a short book about the worldwide economic recession - What Really Happened: The Financial Crisis Guide.

Dictator Watch advances the theory of global social change, which is grounded in the field of mathematics known as chaos theory. But, while this might sound daunting, the basic ideas and their application to human societies can be understood by anyone. Dictator Watch also works as a front line activist group, on those cases where the need for change is most pressing.

You Decide

The Dictator Watch Guide to
Social and Environmental Activism

By Roland Watson

Full Book pdf

Table of Contents


1. Introduction

2. Opposition 101

3. Activist causes

4. Institutional tactics against activists

5. Activist tactics – general issues

6. Thirteen types of activism

7. Activism and the media

8. Advanced activist issues

9. Activism and the law

10. Introduction to chaos theory

11. Social evolution and chaos

12. Activist ethics

13. Social goals