Many people say that no one knows the purpose of the universe, or of life, and if there is such a thing as god. That's not so. But, there is no need to have faith in ancient texts.
Careful analysis reveals what is really happening in the universe; the design that it embeds and which enables it to achieve its goals;
and our role as humans and as individuals, indeed, the role of all life, in this design.

There is no need to be messianic, only educational. Read this website, and learn
the answers to questions that up to now have been considered incomprehensible.

This begins with the most fundamental question of all: Why is there anything?


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It's different. No one has ever written anything like it before.

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The University of Life is part of a family of websites, the objective of which is to promote positive social change. By way of introduction, the prerequisites for accomplishing such change include that the steps taken to bring it about must be (1) consistent with human nature, not based on an unrealistically positive appraisal; (2) voluntary; (3) grounded in education; and (4) ethical. The importance of education derives in part from the fact that enduring and widespread change, global change, will require a mass opting-out of the present social system. Only education, about a better alternative, will motivate a critical mass of the population to break free of our current oppressive structure.

The University of Life was created to help you understand the mysteries of life, and to be the person that you have always wanted to be. Please spread the word.

Lessons in Democracy is an in-depth description of our goal, a truly democratic society, including with an analysis of the many pitfalls that exist to establishing and maintaining such a society.

Lessons in Democracy also includes a short book about the worldwide economic recession - What Really Happened: The Financial Crisis Guide.

Activism 101 gives an education about the tools of dissent, which is the essential expression of popular power by which we both throw off authoritarian rule, and preserve the vitality of our democracy once we are free.

Dictator Watch advances the theory of global social change, which is grounded in the field of mathematics known as chaos theory. But, while this might sound daunting, the basic ideas and their application to human societies can be understood by anyone. Dictator Watch also works as a front line activist group, on those cases where the need for change is most pressing.


1. Introduction to the University of Life

The Starting Point
1. The symbol of life

2. The fundamental rule of life
3. Systems and form
4. Cycles, purpose, and balance
5. Human cycles
6. The principle of equality
Human Nature
1. Nature equals behavior

2. Genes and behavior
3. Social conditioning
4. Free will
5. The life force
6. Behavior and chaos
7. Why is life so challenging?

8. Behavior, thought, and the life force
9. Behavior and evolution
10. The big picture
Behavioral Form
1. Form and identity

2. Distortion, in the situation
3. Form, maturity, and discrimination
4. The power of form
Fighting Form
1. Introduction to the challenge of fighting form

2. The first steps
3. Weapons, and sensitivity
4. Ten everyday guidelines
5. Power struggles and conflict
6. The challenge of desire
7. Fight your own form

8. Special cases, and rebellion
Self-Knowledge 1. Self-analysis
2. Are you brainwashed?
The quiz
3. The identity checklist
The checklist
Personal Change and Purpose
1. Personal development

2. A vision for your life
3. Achieving your goals
How Things Change 1. Chaos and change
2. Real change requires chaos
3. Social examples of real change
4. Real change for individuals
5. Chaos and violence

6. Plan your own change


1. Introduction to Part 2

The Universe and Knowledge
1. Universal order and purpose

2. Why we can't know
3. The fundamental difficulty of life
4. The death experience
Our Planet
1. The earth is alive

2. Biocentrism
Our Species
1. Human needs

2. How we view the world
3. What is a human life?
4. Overpopulation
5. Is the goal happiness?
Our Society
1. The modern world

2. Inheritance
3. Preserve our commons!
4. Traditional versus modern
5. What is a culture?
6. The social system
7. The problem with leaders

Institutional Control
1. Institutional defensive tactics

2. Institutional offensive tactics

3. Institutional values
Social Breakdown
1. The coming anarchy?

2. Individual breakdown
3. End your addictions
Solving Our Problems
1. Where to begin

2. The challenges of change
3. We are the solution
4. The primacy of education
5. What is learning?
6. Teach your children
Learning in the Brain
1. An introduction to thought

2. New thoughts, and memories
3. The life force in the brain
4. The limits of thought
Guide Your Behavior
1. The ethical challenge

2. Ethical confusion
3. Human ethics
4. Personal and social ethics
5. Ethics towards nature


Family and School
1. Family form

2. Issues with schools

Religious Form
1. Good works

2. The origins of religious form

3. Immortality

4. The religious argument

5. The greatest con game

6. Tactics of organized religion

7. From spirituality to form

Nations and Government
1. The birth of nations

2. The purposes of government 3. Government characteristics, and funding 4. The role of the military 5. The police 6. Lawyers and diplomats

7. The forms of government - dictatorship 8. New democracies 9. Mature democracies 10. The evolution of democracy 11. National sovereignty and supranationals 12. Political activism

Economics and Development

1. Economics 101

2. Communism and socialism 3. Capitalism, and progress 4. Nonproductive economic sectors 5. The failure of development 6. Economic evolution, and the coming adjustment
1. Introduction to corporations

2. Premises of corporate behavior 3. Corporations and democracy 4. Corporate executives 5. Being a corporate employee 6. Corporations and the community
7. Corporations and their customers

8. Corporations and humanity 9. Golftopia      
Corporate Activism
1. Evolution of corporate behavior

2. Corporate activism targets 3. Legal approaches 4. Corporate regulation 5. Internal corporate reform 6. Consumer activism
7. Ethical consumption

8. Corporate executives, and the limits of activism        
Media and Advertising
1. The goals of modern media

2. Media monopolies, and censorship 3. Freedom of the press? 4. The new reality 5. Media brainwashing 6. Advertising - the worst of the worst
Media and Advertising Activism
1. Media activism fundamentals

2. Print media and music 3. Film and TV 4. The internet 5. Advertising activism  
Social Controversies
1. Introduction, civil rights, discrimination

2. Poverty, war 3. Drugs, criminals 4. Abortion, suicide, euthanasia 5. Animal rights, nuclear weapons and power 6. Genetic engineering, eugenics, great wealth inequalities


1. Introduction to Part 4

Your Future
1. Your purpose

2. Finding love
3. Breaking free
4. Form and language
5. Form and objective reality
6. Be original!
The Earth's Future
1. The human impact

2. The human population 3. Environmental education      
Society's Future
1. Is the modern world better?

2. Orwell, Huxley, and Kaczynski 3. The roots of dictatorship 4. Escaping dictatorship, Part 1 5. Escaping dictatorship, Part 2 6. Long-term social trends
7. The future of nations

8. We need to evolve        
1. Evolutionary processes

2. Evolution's goals 3. Evolution, chaos, and topology 4. Evolutionary signposts    
Humanity's Future
1. The limits of the human experience

2. Social evolution 3. Prospects for our evolution 4. The three stages of human development 5. The future of our species  
Life and the Universe
1. An introduction to life

2. An introduction to the universe 3. A world of parts 4. Conservation and symmetry 5. Our deepest assumptions 6. It's all relative
7. It's all energy

8. The universe as a whole 9. The significance of paradox 10. Unexplained phenomena 11. The evolution of consciousness, Part 1 12. The purpose of the universe
13. The design of the universe

14. Multiple universes? 15. The evolution of consciousness, Part 2 16. Reason and evolution 17. The two great challenges of life 18. Your life
1. Epilogue